Since 2010, Dedicated Sleep has offered a comprehensive Commercial Fleet Based Sleep Medicine Program, which provides the most comprehensive sleep medicine program available, specifically designed to engineer unique solutions for Commercial

Drivers, in a national, virtual, and compliance supportive manner that totally manages without
additional fees, STAT support to any driver regarding their DOT Medical Card and/or Extension Requests
related to sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, and or obesity support


Our Experience

Our Clinical team leadership has over 20 years experience or greater with the following –

Over the last 10 years Dedicated Sleep has provided diagnosis, Treatment, compliance, and specialty physician telehealth visits to over 25K patients.

Our partners get the benefit of our global IN-Network contracts, minimizing out of pocket expenses

You’ ll have access to our other specialty and treatment modalities including TMD related issues as well as implants 


Dedicated Sleep is dedicated to educating our patients that there are choices out there. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to delivering outstanding care and services throughout our team. We take a patient first approach in offering services and solutions tailored to each individual specific health care needs. It’s our mindset and hands on approach that sets us apart from others within the industry. Building solid relationships with our patients, partners and practitioners is what makes us successful.




For more information please call 530-440-5655 or email saustin@dedicatedsleep.net
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