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Serving all modalities including Air, Land & Sea

Dedicated Sleep offers cost effective solutions, for both employees and employers, regarding the management and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

We provide personalized training for medical examiners safety managers, and physicians, to create an integrated seamless environment for the operator. When in-turn, provides additional layers of risk management and protection for commercial drivers and their employers.

  • Lower Company Healthcare Costs

  • Reduce Disability Costs

  • Decrease Driver Accidents

An Unmatched Value or Transportation Companies


Flexible Plans

Our team is here to work with your budget and health care plan. We even offer low cost, private pay options for contractors or drivers/employees without insurance or with financial needs.


100% Coverage Everywhere

Being one of the only organizations offering sleep specialist telemedicine services as well as 1,000s of affiliated networks partners, we  can serve all modalities including, truck, air, rail, and shipping.


Flexible Plans

Sleep and wellness care is now more affordable as all contracted fleets and high-risk employer groups are covered for all out-of-pocket expenses.


Same Day Testing

Companies under our program suffer no loss of drive time as we offer same day sleep testing, and APAP treatment services for CDL drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea.


Better Tools & Data

All your sleep apnea program data is tracked, measured and reported in one place. This includes medical records, compliance, health plan billing, and outcome management. our tool box includes validated risk assessment (HRA) for new hires, existing drivers, employees, and family members.


Oral Appliance Leader

In Addition to a comprehensive offering of CPAP devices, our non-invasive solutions suit operators who may be CPAP intolerant or interested in something more convenient for travel.


Serving All Modalities


Covers Everywhere!


Lower Employee Cost


Reduce Risk


Healthier, Better-Rested Operators

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