Employer Program Features

  • Individually tailored sleep and wellness program for your organization, because every organization deserves specification
  • We work directly with your existing health plan,  allowing our services to come at Low cost to the Employer
  • Our HIPAA compliment Telemedicine Platform allows for live interaction between employees and sleep medicine providers ANYWHERE in the country, great for employees currently traveling or with living quarters in non-metropolitan areas
  • Same day testing and treatment services to CDL drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea
  • Over 500 dedicated sleep service locations nationwide for on-site diagnosis and treatment as needed when medically necessary.
  • Unlimited  Driver Coaching Services administered by medical/sleep professionals with 15 + years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorder breathing.

Why Choose Dedicated Sleep?

  • Our experience comes from the medical side of sleep medicine, allowing our team to offer unique strategies regarding health plan reimbursement.

  • Greater than 125 years combined sleep medicine experience within Dedicated Sleep’s advisory panel, and key management team.

  • Management of over 250,000 sleep patients, provided expertise around all types of patients, all types of needs.

  • Hands on experience with every type of home sleep testing device, oral appliance and CPAP product, from 1993 forward.

  • Current Sleep Apnea Programs include:

  • Driver hiring companies

  • National, Regional, Small, IC size fleets, and individual drivers

  • Military Programs

  • Dental Networks

  • Medical Networks

  • Exclusive DNA & mRNA appliance network


Dedicated Sleep LLC. | Company Overview

Dedicated Sleep delivers quality sleep management solutions to organizations of any industry. Led by CEO Jill Glenn, who personally has 25+ years’ experience in sleep health, Dedicated Sleep’s management team has been involved in the development, integration, and management of 100+ sleep centers nationwide.

In most recent years, Dedicated Sleep has been a sleep medicine industry leader, successfully inserting sleep medicine models specifically within the dental, transportation, and medical network environments. Dedicated Sleep continues to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements in medicine by utilizing features such as telemedicine and cloud based EMR platforms to deliver the highest quality of service to its clientele.

Dedicated Sleep’s customer portfolio ranges from low & high volume dental practices, multi-facility medical networks, small, large, national transportation fleets, and even Fortune 500 corporations. Regardless of the size, regardless of the industry, Dedicated Sleep implements and manages sleep medicine solutions within any organization.

“All people deserve the highest level of sleep and wellness care available, and at the lowest cost possible, because sleep wellness is a right which belongs to everyone.”

President – Jill Glenn, Feb 1 2004


Our Team

Jill Glenn (RSPGT, CTP)

Chief Executive Officer

Jill has been an advocate and a leader within the sleep field for more than 25 years. She has been personally involved in the development, integration, and management of 100’s of sleep centers and DME providers, which have allowed her to help many types of organizations, initiate and manage long-term sleep apnea programs. Jill is considered to be an expert in the areas of medical billing and regulatory compliance. To date, Jill has been able to help thousands of sleep apnea patients with their sleep testing, DME, and Compliance Support needs.  Jill is the founder and the CEO of Dedicated Sleep.

Dr. Dave Singh DDSc, Ph.D, BDS, DMD

Dr. Dave Singh DDSc, Ph.D, BDS, DMD

Chief Science Officer

DNA Appliance – Beaverton, OR

Dr. Dave Singh is the Founder of the field of pneumopedics and craniofacial epigenetics, including epigenetic orthodontics, having realized a few years ago that there is a natural for the body to remodel the upper airway, reshape bone and move teeth into their correct positions painlessly without the use of surgery, drugs or injections.  Dr. Dave Singh was born, educated and trained in England, UK.  As CSO of Dedicated Sleep, Dr. Singh serves as an expert in the advisement of oral appliances and the biological effects of oral appliance treatment related to sleep disorder breathing.

John Glenn PA-C

John Glenn PA-C

SVP Clinical Operations

John Glenn specializes in the application and education of sleep disorders and safety for a wide range of employer groups, specifically within the areas of Fatigue Management, Insomnia,/Shift-Work, Inattention, and Injury Prevention. John is a Consulting Instructor Trainer for Strategic Safety Associates and Movesmart, an industry leader within the field of safety and accident prevention. In addition to being a MoveSMART® Master-Trainer, John spearheads the Reducing Injury Repetition system interventions, and provides key leadership and direction for Fatigue Management Program. Past SSA and Movesmart customers include: DuPont, Honda, BP, BMW, United Airlines, Michelin, Amtrak, and many others. As SVP of Clinical Operations, John Glenn manages and provides direct patient care for Dedicated Sleep’s transportation, dental, and medical network divisions.

Dr. Tony Soileau DDS

Dr. Tony Soileau DDS

Dental Sleep Director

Louisiana Sleep Solutions – Lafayette, LA

After earning undergraduate and graduate dental degrees from LSU, Dr. Soileau has been treating obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy for 18 years within the greater Lafayette, LA region.  Dr. Soileau travels the country lecturing on oral appliance treatment for sleep apnea. As a member of the Dedicated Sleep executive advisory and training team, Dr. Soileau’s experience in sleep dentistry offers valuable insight regarding optimal integration of oral appliance therapy and support services, within dental sleep medicine environments.